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Number of licences Price per licence (All prices in US dollars)
1 licence $4000 + $800 annual support fee
2 licences $3000 + $600 annual support fee (25% discount)
3-5 licences $2400 + $500 annual support fee (40% discount)
6+ licences Please contact us
OEM Please contact us for OEM arrangements

One license allows the PI Service to be running on one site. It allows the PI Service to access a PI historian on the same LAN. Multiple instances of the PI service can be installed on the same LAN for redundancy or testing purposes. Likewise, if a site has more than one PI historian on the same LAN, then the license allows you to install separate copies of the PI Web Service for each historian.

The terms of the license are intended to encourage free use of the PI Service within a site, but to prohibit multiple copies of the PI Service being installed in geographically separate sites around a country, or globally. In this latter case, a separate licence must be purchased for each site.

Support provides access to updates and the support forums, and to email technical support. Industrial Reporting reserves the right to charge for email support in the event of excessive use of this facility.

Prices are subject to change without notice.